Posted by on 2017-07-18

The leader in live action gaming software, Incognita Limited, is pleased to announce its new partnership with the augmented reality hardware company Legacy Game Systems. Legacy Game Systems is led by Ford Ivey, the creator of several LARPs including the nationwide NERO LARP.

Incognita has signed on to create a new generation of games using Legacy Game Systems’ Daemon Platform, and will be the first company licensed to produce live action games using Daemon. Incognita is the first dedicated live action gaming software studio, and has been developing other live action and augmented reality projects for the last three years. They are credited with creating the first mobile phone-based LARP, Planetfall. Earlier this year, they premiered their Larpweaver software suite at World of Darkness Berlin, which was used to manage the immensely successful Enlightenment in Blood pervasive street LARP.

“We’re immensely excited to join forces with a legendary figure in American LARP like Ford,” says Matthew Webb, founder of Incognita Limited, “We have been producing some great software products using standard mobile phones for years. But to see Legacy’s hardware in action is a real treat. Daemon has an immense amount of potential and is an incredible piece of hardware. It can handle melee and ranged combat; guns to swords; magic and healing. It really fits our mission of using software to make LARP better than it has ever been before.”

Incognita Limited will be creating several games for the platform, beginning with the highly anticipated Spellslingers game, with other projects coming soon. But there are promises that the platform will be open to even more developers soon.

“We will be developing an open source library in the Unity game engine for Daemon, so we can have an accessible and flexible piece of gaming hardware that anyone can use and create games with,” Matthew added.

Incognita Limited and Legacy Games Systems hope to showcase and demo their collaborations by end of this year.

Matthew Webb will be taking part in a panel on live action technology next weekend at San Diego Comic Con, where he will be speaking about the state of LARP technology in general as well as his own projects.