We create apps and systems for LARP and other live action games that facilitate augmented reality game-play and features which both enhance and revolutionize player experiences. Drawing upon an extensive background in both software engineering and live action gaming, we create cutting edge solutions that make live action gaming better; and take the entire genre in bold new directions.
What is LARP?

LARP stands for “live action role-playing”, and is the form of gaming that uses real world spaces, costuming and props to create a full experience in the real world. It is one of the fastest growing forms of entertainment on the planet, growing to international popularity and recognition in the last few years. The Incognita team all come from a background of “LARPers”, both running and playing, and bring both their practical experience with the genre and their technical backgrounds to the table.

We use technology to make LARP better

From character management to incredible new mechanics, Incognita Limited has spearheaded the introduction of new technical solutions and experiences in the live action field. Incognita Limited launched the first LARP fully powered by a mobile app and server architecture with Planetfall in 2015, and has been pushing the boundaries of live action gaming ever since. Since then, we have worked with clients in the United States and Europe to deliver bold experiences to players and time-saving solutions to game runners.