Matthew Webb is the founder of Incognita Limited. His talents span from game design into software engineering, and has worked professionally with clients as varied as the Washington National Opera to the Department of Defense. A passionate gamer and LARPer, he created Incognita Limited to explore the possibilities of technology in live action gaming. In two years, he has seen himself become “the go-to guy for incorporating technology into live action play,” according to Fiasco creator Jason Morningstar, publishing articles and giving lectures on how technology incorporates with live action.

Riley Seaman is the Event Coordinator for Incognita Limited, along with being in charge of development operations and testing. A seasoned LARP organizer, he is also a gifted technical expert with an eye on how to translate technology into real world solutions for game runners.

Sam Phelps is our support software engineer, heading development of server and data management software that forms of the heart of many live action technology solutions.